Komi the Space Frog

Current and final version: 1.04

Komi is a 2D arcade style game licensed under the GNU General Public License. Komi was written by Allan Crossman back in 2004.

Komi is written in C and uses the SDL library for graphics and sound. It also uses Ulf Ekstrom's "Bitmask" collision detection routines.

Getting Komi

Komi has been released in source form - the game seems stable and playable. Currently, compilation is only known to be easy on GNU/Linux (though it may well be easy on the BSDs), but it can be made to compile on other platforms, such as Windows, with a bit of work. A Windows binary is now available.

See the Development Page or go directly to the Download Page.

Komi is included in a couple of GNU/Linux distributions, making it easier for their users to get the game. Currently it's in Debian and Gentoo.

Packages and how to get them
Distro Commands (may need root) Maintainer
apt-get update
apt-get install komi
Steve Kemp
emerge sync
emerge komi
Gentoo Games

About Komi

Here's a screenshot:

Komi Screenshot

The basic aim is to collect all the money by extending Komi the Space Frog's tongue, while avoiding the bad guys. Komi's spiritual predecessor is an old Spectrum game called "Glug Glug" which had vaguely similar(ish) gameplay. The game is a complete rewrite of Allan's earlier game of the same name for the Macintosh, written in BASIC. That game received, uh, mixed reviews.

Praise for the original version:

Condemnation of the original version:

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